Furry Refuge Starbound

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Address sb.furryrefuge.com:21025
Hostname Furry Refuge Starbound
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Location United States of America
Version 1.4.4
Platform Linux
Website http://furryrefuge.com
Registered by Mrs_Feathers
Registered since January 28th, 2024 03:00 PM EST
Last update January 28th, 2024 03:00 PM EST
Tag(s) Dedicated Fully Open Modded PvE Social

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About This Server

🚀 **Welcome to Furry Refuge Starbound (FRS)** 🚀

Embark on an interstellar adventure in the vast universe of Starbound within the Furry Refuge community server! Join a thriving community of explorers, settlers, and spacefarers as we journey across the cosmos, uncovering new planets, and forging alliances in the name of exploration and survival.

🪐 **Infinite Worlds to Discover:**
Set foot on procedurally generated planets teeming with diverse biomes, mysterious creatures, and hidden treasures. Each world in FRS is a canvas for your exploration, waiting to be uncovered, colonized, and transformed.

🌌 **Endless Possibilities:**
Craft your destiny with a universe of possibilities at your fingertips. Whether you're building sprawling colonies, engaging in interstellar trade, or embarking on quests that span the stars, FRS offers a dynamic and player-driven experience.

🛠️ **Customized Gameplay:**
Experience Starbound with unique gameplay enhancements on our server. Encounter special challenges, discover rare items, and engage in events that bring a fresh twist to your galactic adventures.

🚀 **Community-Driven Exploration:**
Join a vibrant community of fellow starbounders where collaboration and camaraderie take center stage. Explore the cosmos together, share resources, and tackle challenges as a united force. The universe is vast, but together we thrive.

🌈 **Furry-Friendly Galactic Hub:**
FRS is not just a server; it's a celestial hub where furry friends and space enthusiasts unite. Connect with like-minded explorers, create lasting friendships, and share the wonders of the cosmos in a furry-friendly atmosphere.

🚀 **Join Us Today:**
Connect with Furry Refuge Starbound and set course for a universe filled with adventure and possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned spacefarer or a newcomer to the stars, there's a place for everyone in our dynamic and evolving Starbound community.

Launch into the unknown with Furry Refuge Starbound – where the galaxies are as boundless as our imagination! 🌌