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Requirements for server to be submitted / to appear online

- Your server needs to be online to be accepted and you need to provide a valid IP address or hostname
- Your server needs to accept TCP connections on your server port (by default 21025)
- You need to enter your server query port if it is different than your server port
- Your server needs to accept UDP connections on your server query port (queryServerPort in your server config file)
- In your server config file, 'runQueryServer' must be 'true'

Scoring system

Your score is based on the following values:

  • Server uptime
  • Votes
  • Achievements bonus


Votes are reset every month. Votes are limited to one per server per IP address (Internet Protocol) per day.


Your server is checked every 5 minutes and we keep track of your server status for 20 days. Your server uptime is based on the tracked values.

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