Starbound 1.3.2

Posted on July 18th, 2017 03:32 PM EST
Starbound 1.3.2 has been released with several bug fixes and some minor gameplay changes.

Additions & Changes
  • Reduce cost of player station parts
  • Show some system information on hovering over stars in the navigation interface
  • Show system name on the system screen in the navigation interface
  • Properly beam away a player's mech when a player beams off the world
  • Deploying to asteroid fields puts you in a position related to where in the field your ship is
  • Allow any number of script panes with no source entity.
  • Add player.interact lua binding
  • Keep player from starving when in a mech
Bug Fixes
  • Various NPC and Monster behavior fixes
  • Fix issue where player ships from other systems would be visible on the navigation screen
  • Fix issue where deploying to a party member could result in deploying a mech to their ship
  • Improve jarring movement of the sky during flying and warping
  • Fix issue where inventory items would count twice in crafting interfaces
  • Fix parameters argument for spawnnpc console command
  • Fix issue allowing the player to fly the ship before fully repairing it
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