Hostname Surrealment
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 13 / 16
Location United States of America
Version 1.4.4
Platform Windows
Registered by surrealment
Registered since September 27th, 2018 08:05 PM EST
Last update February 26th, 2020 01:11 AM EST
Tag(s) Dedicated Fully Open Social Vanilla

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• Dedicated server hosted in the US West area. If you love to build this is a server for you, new players or seasoned veterans welcome!
• Anonymous connections are allowed, meaning no username or password required. Enter your server info shown below.

• Universe systems and worlds are on a daily, weekly, and monthly backup schedule at midnight. You may download these worlds as you please from If you wish to know which world is yours, use /whereami in-game. Remember, your player and personal ship is located on your computer; as always, make a backup.
• Locked planets are replaced every server reboot, read below for more information.
• Visit our custom hub world located at X: 2, Y: -19. Minigames, hidden items, secret rooms, scripted objects, pvp arena, custom shops and more.
• We are unmodded, 100% vanilla and proud of it! Client mods are allowed only if it doesn't effect other players negatively.

Custom In-Game Commands:
• /online, /who - See players that are currently connected and playing.
• /register [username] [password] - Create a user on the server to claim and lock planets. After user has been created leave the server temporarily and enter your newly created username and password in the server info window.
• /claim - Allows you to name, add a description, reset, and lock planets. Only 1 user may claim a planet at a time.
• /unclaim - Give up your claim to this planet for another player.
• /name [text] - Displays a custom planet name when a player joins the world or is viewed on the starmap. Keep blank to not display a name.
• /description [text] - Displays a custom planet description when a player joins the world or is viewed on the starmap. Keep blank to not display a description.
• /lock - Takes a current snapshot of the planet. Locked planets are replaced by snapshot copies every server startup. Goodbye griefing!
• /unlock - Remove snapshot so changes can be made to the planet.
• /share [username] - Add a co-owner to the planet, a co-owner can lock a planet while owner is offline.

• Direct invite:
• Web redirect:
• Chat to Starbound players and other servers while your away and use custom commands to enhance your gameplay without tainting your hands (and worlds) with client required mods.
• Our Discord also shows live information such as server status and online players.

Discord Commands:
• /online @Starbound - Get the names of all online players.
• /day @Starbound - Get all player names connected in the last 24 hours.
• /week @Starbound - Get all player names connected this last week.

General Notes:
• Server will reboot and replace locked planets with their snapshot copies approximately every 6 hours, there is a 10 minute and a 5 minute warning. Rebooting takes roughly 5-10 seconds.
• Registered username and passwords are not recoverable, send yourself a email or use a precious sticky note.
• When sending chat in the "All" tab it will relay to Discord. If you wish to have private conversations use party chat or keep that in your pants.
• If you receive a unsupported protocol version error on connect, make sure you update your Starbound client or verify your installation version is the same as the server. For example version 1.3.4 uses protocol 745.
• Players will not receive server messages if a space is contained in their name.
• To ensure the best server conditions the router where this server is hosted is restarted every week, Monday at 1:00am PST.

Patch Notes:
• As of 11/20/2018 our custom server wrapper will now reboot the server if a unrecoverable error has occurred. Have fun crashing the party~
• As of 02/10/2019 the server is now fiber connected. Players will now be notified when another player joins or leaves their location.
• As of 02/22/2019 you can register, claim planets, lock planets, add a custom name and description to planets. To mimic other servers who command has been added to see online players.