Hostname Starboundopolis
Status Checked 17 minutes ago / Online 29 days ago
Players 0 / 13
Location United States of America
Version 1.4.3
Platform Windows
Registered by Pr0ph3t
Registered since August 19th, 2019 08:41 AM EST
Last update September 16th, 2019 10:39 PM EST
Tag(s) Anarchy Casual Roleplay Dedicated Fully Open Modded Serious Roleplay

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STARBOUNDOPOLIS HAS LAUNCHED and is now stable and ready to consume new adventurers seeking a greater challenge. A harsh unforgiving universe with many secrets awaits you !

- Don't be an assh***
- No politics, no arguing, no begging
- NO CHEATING, no mods outside the sbinit provided. Even I don't cheat or spawn objects or anything like that. I want to enjoy the game just as much as you.
- No flooding chat with tech support/game questions. Keep those dialogs outside the chat please it ruins the immersion. If you have questions msg me in steam no biggie. You have more than enough info if you look carefully though trust me.
- RP is encouraged
- For now 2 out of the 12 slots are reserved for myself and my friend, therefore you may be randomly kicked to make room. Don't worry I ask etc I'm a nice admin and it has yet to happen it's just a disclaimer.

- Extra ZOOM options your setting/options/graphics
- To get the 'SHIP REPAIR KIT' you have to acquire 20 core fragments
- To get the 'FTL WHEEL REPAIR' you have to acquire 50 core fragments and 1 diamond
- Death penalty is 30% credit loss only, you'll be thankful trust me you're going to die a lot.
- 10 mining bots per player/group ! I'll see it in the logs, be good I'm allowing them on for now because it actually makes mining fun.
- Double tap is disabled it's UP+Direction instead. This allows you to inch to ledges and doesn't drive you nuts every time you double dir by mistake.
- WHEN YOU CREATE A CHARACTER, the first time you spawn in it might take a while for the ship to find a planet just logout and login and it's fixed forever. It's normal for the ship to take a while to arrive to destinations however, the ship travel times have been extended for immersion.

**** I would recommend a clean install with no mods present if it doesn't hurt too bad, if not you're on your own support-wise. Honestly should work fine though because SBINIT will load only the mods it needs.

1. Open up steam, browse workshop, browse tab, collections, search: Pr0ph3t's Starboundopolis Server Mods
2. Click on it obviously, click 'subscribe all' there should be about 5GB
3. Once it has finished downloading, in your starbound/win64 directory, backup your sbinit.config file and replace all the text with this one
4. Fire up Starbound, make a new character
5. Join
uPr0ph3tu on Steam for any questions