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Pandemonium RP is a Non-toxic Roleplay server with belief that people should be given a second chance if they are trying to improve themselves, we don't hold grudges and there are very few people that we wont give a chance to.

we have a heavily tested Large modpack and a very in-depth story with a lot of opportunity for community involvement, if you like unique stories and concepts this could be the server for you, this server also has several hubs (3 right now with more coming) and the opportunity to make your own hubs and areas, we have complex lore but we have made plots specifically for people to add their own stuff into so we aren't in the business of unnecessarily limiting creativity. join the discord for details as well as the modpack.

a VERY brief lore summery

current year 3698 CE

after the discovery of FTL in the 21st century humanity started missions to travel to other planets but this drew the attention of the species of the Milky way who fought each other (legally) over the ownership of earth. The winners of the case were the Theral a species of marsupial-like humanoids that absorbed earth and humanity into their empire the united systems. Humanity was then stripped of thier culture and forced to be a vassal state for the Theral.

however some humans escaped using stolen Theral technology and became known as the dominion by the united systems as the Theral labelled them a terrorist organization and claimed that they were homo sapien supremacists and demonized them with endless propaganda campaigns.

These humans in the milky way travelled around without a home and they discovered many different races in the Milky way including many species of parahuman (The parahumans evolved from a human-like species that evolved on earth from homo habilis 1 million years ago that left earth after being attacked by an unknown extra-galactic alien species). Now in the year 3698 they are still trying to survive the constant threats of the Galaxy and hopefully one day return home and take it back from those marsupials.

major races of the Milky way galaxy:

homo sapiens:
the Homo sapiens are part of 1 of 2 factions they are either completely indoctrinated by the Theral and still living on earth or they are part of the nomadic group derogatorily called the Dominion

the Gondia
any human or parahuman infected with the symbiotic alien plant Cerebrivinea Lacutis, there are 2 factions of Gondia, the original hive of tera Gondia who who believe in a bizarre religious cult that demands they assimilate the universe, or the NeoGondia which are trying to reform thier species into being a species that can get along with others

The Nuna
A spacefaring social darwinist group of parahumans who live as nomadic tribes and fly through space raiding anyone weaker than them

The Seil'el
Shapeshifting slime mold aliens that use magic instead of technology and form a feudalistic culture with them at the top

The Vendalah
A hyper-intelligent vampire-like race of parahumans who have lost the ability to create certain protiens in Thier body so they get them by eating other parahumans and humans

The Vaalbarans
A species of humanoid dinosaur with a mysterious origin who live under a nazbol regime

The Borians
A species of neanderthal like parahumans from a frozen world who don't like change and prefer to keep tradition for the sake of it

The Pakune
A species of parahuman that convergently evolved with social monkeys and bonobos they have blue markings and are covered in fur and are very friendly

The Theral
A race of marsupials who have an aggressive expansionist assimilationist empire much like rome