Starbound 1.0.3

Posted on July 29th, 2016 08:32 AM EST
Starbound 1.0.3 has been released with lot of bug fixes and few changes.

Bug Fixes 
  • remove unbalanced wormerang listing from penguin weapon shop 
  • resolve issue of banner rendering in front of a bookcase 
  • resolve issue where the Grand Pagoda Library boss would sometimes reset 
  • resolve issue where some weapons would let you wall jump in distortion sphere 
  • make ore nibbler critter capturable without exploding 
  • remove inappropriate tag from farm animal eggs 
  • no longer open multiples of the same scripted interfaces (Rob Repairo, Tech Console) 
  • resolve issue where cultists would die on destroying a ballista in the Baron's Keep 
  • remove elemental aura visual effect when changing weapons 
  • resolve issue where techs would interfere with each others tool suppression 
  • improve performance when player has a lot of quests 
  • resolve some issues with grappling hook 
  • bosses are now immune to healing from staff secondary abilities 
  • some pixels in armors were bad and are now not bad 
  • fix issue where crew ship benefits would reset on ship upgrade (this unfortunately resets your current fuel capacity and fuel efficiency benefits as they have been moved to a more reliable storage format) 
  • teach NPCs how to use some trickier doors like wooden gates 
  • npcs may now get stuck in the ground less often 
  • make tech gui not crash when encountering unknown tech 
  • fix 3d printer issue when removing objects 
  • change power scaling of crew members to more closely match the power scaling of the player 
  • make it so saplings don't break when they are unable to grow into a tree 
  • players should no longer get stuck in the ground if they beam to a friend in distortion sphere 
  • remove deprecated keybindings 
  • remove reference to a missing asset for the Avian temple boss 
  • gui adjustment to allow bigger numbers in the Terrramart shipment box 
  • remove deprecated elevator recipes 
  • fix tabbing issues in the codex window


  • statically link Visual C++ 2015 for the win32 version of starbound 
  • keep rotten food in the food tab 
  • UI usability improvements to server connect screen 
  • dismiss confirmation windows when the source of them is not in reach 
  • adjustments to ore samples 
  • make it impossible to starve to death during cinematics 
  • pressing the key for a selected action bar slot now deselects the slot 
  • non-elemental Fluffalo drop more plant fibre 
  • adjust npc and monster placement for generated quests 
  • grappling hook adjustments; increased range, functional dual wielding 
  • NPCs will now beam away to join your ship crew as soon as you recruit them 
  • natural materials will now magically match the hue shift of the biome when placed 
  • using the paint tool with the default color setting will clear any hue shift on unpainted blocks 
  • make vertical scroll bars start at the top by default 
  • improve one-handed damage of NPCs 
  • add some clothes and dialog for novakids in generated quests 
  • change some confusingly inaccurate labels for paintings in the grand pagoda library 
  • tweak Shockhopper projectile lifetime and damage polys
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