Pleased Giraffe Update 5

Posted on September 12th, 2015 10:30 AM EST
A new Starbound stable update has just been released on Steam, called "Pleased Giraffe - Update 5".

You can find all the servers for this new version here : 


  • Combat colony tags have been added to Weapon Chests and Gun Chests
  • The Bonesmith tenant will now spawn correctly
  • Chef tenants now spawn correctly (not random races anymore)
  • Agaran merchants now correctly sell their wares (the items have a sell price now)
  • Other items also got a sell price (Fluorescent Helmet, Wizard Hat, Mushroom Sword, etc.)
  • Small description fixes on a few items, such as ship walls
  • Hazmat NPCs now say “unidentified microorganisms” instead of “unknown bacteria”
  • Tenants catch fire less (less fire interactions with items like hand dryers)
  • Fixing a small visual bug on Apex feet
  • Lighting tweaks on most light objects (not sure how they were changed, but they were)
  • The people who had bad performance and then fixed it by resizing the window should now have better performance all the time, without needing to resize the window

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