Tweakers Frackin Starbound

Tweakers Frackin Starbound
Hostname A Starbound Server
Status Checked 3 hours ago / Online 25 days ago
Players 0 / 8
Location Germany
Version 1.3.3
Platform Linux
Registered by Tweaker083
Registered since September 9th, 2017 03:12 AM EST
Last update September 13th, 2017 03:33 PM EST
Tag(s) Casual Roleplay Dedicated Fully Open Modded PvP Social

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First off our Rules:


Griefer, Modyfied Items / Prespawned Items or any other kind of Cheating/Harassing will result in Permabans of your ID and a wipe of you Sever Data WITH NO EXEPTIONS! (The server does do Backups several times per week so we can recover Griefed Bases in less than 2 Minutes)

PVP / War starts after you have officially declared war on someone or a other group.

Primary Planets Protection on our Server is the Shield Generator Mod. Please follow the
"How to" of the Mods used via the Steam Workshop Pages and Guides.

No offensive behavior will be tollerated and any report to Admins will reslut, you guessed right in a permaban of your ID and a wipe of your Server Data.

No offensive or racist Names.


Mods are making such games great! But also a bit more unstable :) Consider that while playing.. Crashes on Client or Sever side happen more often as more mods are running.
We only use one content mod (FU). All other mods just unlock or adjust Vanilla Settings of the game.

What you need to play on our Server are the following Mods:

Shield Generators & Switches:

Frackin Universe Mod:

Fixed Critters:

Please be aware:
Frackin Universe Mod will modify existing Vanilla Games! Backup your old Data before joining our one way trip. :)
Also Fracking Universe is a huge Mod.. Which means loading times increase as you start the game.. After the mod loaded all the assests, your game will run well... just be patient in the begining.

One known issue with FU is that the Pixel Printer will eat up your FPS due the crazy amaount of new Items the Printer has to load of the new Mod.

Some Weapons might crash your game.. This is mod related.. To fix it. Just trash the weapon.
Also some Dungeons will cause a in Game Server "Exeption" just leave the planet and look for some other..

All Mods are manually installed on the server so dont update yours.. Wait for Server Updates or be patient for them.. We will Update all Mods and Software asap.

Make sure you activate "Allow Asset Mismatch" in your game options if you get an error about it if you join the server.