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Artificial Intelligence: What it is and how computers use it.
This paper is on the topic of artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence? Computers use artificial intelligence. There are many ways that artificial intelligence has been used in many different fields ranging from farming to the President. Artificial intelligent is not a thought or philosophy, but it is something that makes a difference in people lives.

Assessing Business Strategies: Selecting the Ideal Personal Computer.
Choosing this paper topic when you pay for essay your writer presents an analytical business report for a problem- solving scenario. The scenario is the planning needed in ordering a personal computer on a limited budget. This scenario addresses the planning, effort, and expenditure needed to build a personal computer to exact specifications on a $3000 budget.

Astrology and Astronomy: How We Are Still Under Their Spell.
A historical survey of the bond of Astrology and Astronomy and how as the result of the scientific method that bond was broken. And how both are still influencing us today.

This paper discusses astronomy or what we call astrology. First, most opinions are based on the worst aspects of astrology, namely the columns found in newspapers. Astronomers are also victims of this; for the tabloids misrepresent scientific astronomy in stories such as "Hubble sees Heaven", and we certainly hope that the public does not take this level of reporting as representing the real work of astronomers. There are many statements from leading astrologers that discredit tabloid astrology. Second, most of the debunkers have little or no knowledge of astrology, they just know that there are no known mechanisms that can account for a celestial influence of this type. The considerable development of astronomy in the 1600s gave further credence to mechanical model of the universe & made implausible the older anthropocentric ideas. However, Robert Boyle was a supporter of astrology who wrote that it could be a counterpart to an atheistic mechanical cosmos. Hunter closes his essay by noting that scientists had little influence at this time.

Useful Article: The “Four Noble Truths”

Astrology: An Analysis.
This undergraduate paper examines the issue of whether there is a scientific basis for astrology. The author presents a brief history of astrology and then proceeds to analyze the scientific criticisms of astrology.

Astronomy Questions.
This paper provides answers for various questions about astronomical calculations. Calculations refer to earth rotation, star movements, and measuring the celestial meridian.

Attracting, Selecting and Retaining IT Professionals.
This graduate paper discusses the attraction and selection of IT professionals.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).
This paper examines the astronomical phenomenon of Aurora, more specifically the aurora borealis commonly known as northern lights. This essay examines the scientific understanding of their origins, the colors and images that result and concludes with consideration of the mythical and aesthetic links to the northern lights.

Autonomy Related to Bioethics.
This paper discusses the issue of autonomy in bioethics. The two main problems discussed are informed consent and how choices are made.

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